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Phone Chargers > Phone Chargers Datapilot > Retractable Sony Ericcson Charge and Synch Cable

Retractable Sony Ericcson Charge and Synch Cable

Retractable  Sony Ericcson Charge and Synch Cable

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ZipLinq's revolutionary retractable Sony Ericcson Smartphone DataSync and charging cable is a must for mobile PC users that require one of the most advance space saving technologies available. Easily backup, sync and personalize your mobile phones content with the use of DataPilot software*
Durable ABS plastic housing Less then 4inches long when retracted
Easily extends to over 48inches by pulling both ends. Simply pull again and it quickly retracts back into its housing

This Ziplinq Adapter is compatible with following Sony Ericcson models:

Adapter for K750, Adapter for K750c, Adapter for K750i, Adapter for W800, Adapter for W800i, Adapter for W600i, Adapter for Z520, Adapter for Z520a
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